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development news
posted by Ellissir on 01-30-2004 11:05

i did some thinking (who would expect?) and decided that here's the time to make some enchatements to dungeonREALM... i will totally change the code for the treasure generator because it is somwhat slow and... hmm... stupid... and of course here's the time to use databases... this enchantements will make dungeonREALM customizable and will make future additions easier and faster... expect new releases before april

- ellissir

Long time no news
posted by Ellissir on 11-02-2003 03:47

There were no news for a long time now. And there were nothing to post for a long time. The database project is still in diapers. I'm very busy attending the faculty and working on the Chimera MMORPG. Do not expect new downloads before 2004.

posted by Ellissir on 09-22-2003 04:36

OK! I've decided to take a break on dungeonREALM development. It works good so far and there is no need for further enhacements. Though, I'll add those specific item generators if someone just wants to generate only a magical weapon or something like that. Oh, I almost forgot. There were some complications while converting to databases so you'll wait a few more weeks for the first dungeonREALM DB Project release.

development news
posted by Ellissir on 09-10-2003 14:03

Converting to dabases is faster than I've thought. I've allready finished the coin generator and started working the gem and art generator. In one day! Expect beta releases soon!

Development (and other) news
posted by Ellissir on 09-09-2003 04:53

Today I started some database exploration. I plan to rework the whole application to use databases. This will make dungeonREALM totally cusmotizable. You will be allowed to make your own treasure (and later encounter or NPC) generation rules. You will finally have that Forgotten Realms treasure generation rules.
Do not expect the new version too soon because I'm just a learner database programer so I have to learn things before I release the first version.
I found a two bugs in Treasurer today. It never generates cursed scrolls and it always generates at least one specific cursed item. So there's another maintance release today. I also added an option to generate or not to generate cursed items. Be sure to download it!
There are other nice news, too. I will register a domain name so there will be a www.dungeonrealm.com (or .net or .org) in a week or so!

New forum templates
posted by Ellissir on 09-08-2003 10:23

I just uploaded some new cool forum templates. Check them out! And register in the forum, too.

Another redesign
posted by Ellissir on 09-08-2003 09:05

Another page redesign today. I got my hands on Macromedia Studio MX so I decided to make a new site. Those made with Microsoft FrontPage suck. They are slow and do not work as I want them to work. I also included a news script on the page so news will be a bit more common than before.



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