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About dungeonREALM

dungeonREALM is an application developed for Dungeon Masters using Dungeons & Dragons 3e. It is a set of various generators and tools. Currently dungeonREALM has a Treasure Generator, Dice Roller and a Simple Text Editor.

The Treasure Generator fully supports magic items generation as explained in DMG. Generated treasures can be save and later opened. The format is simple and the saved treasures can be even viewed in Notepad or in the Simple Text Editor.

The Dice Roller supports any dice format you will ever need.

The Text Editor is as simple as Notepad. It can be used for keeping various notes or information about the campaign.

The next feature in dungeonREALM will be an Encounter Generator.

Currently I'm reworking the whole application to use simple and easily editable databases. This will make dungeonREALM customizable.

About the Author

My name is Daniel Ferenc. I'm from Croatia and I am 19 years old. My hobbies are primarily coding and playing D&D and StarWars RPG. dungeonREALM is not my only project. I also work on two more projects. One is a console Dungeon Mastering Tool and the second is a MMORPG based on with rules very similar to D&D.

Contact information

E-Mail: daniel.ferenc@email.hinet.hr

If you have any questions, suggestions or bug reports use the forum or send me an e-mail.


http://www.crunatus.org - Chimera homepage (my MMORPG)
http://www.wizards.com - Wizards of the Coast, Inc. official homepage

http://www.sourceforge.net - A great site that hosts my project



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